Rip Rocket Splash
The Story Thus Far...
After losing thousands of crew and many titanic cruiser class ships to the unknown, a ban against galactic exploration was passed. The missing became referred to as the Lost Expedition.

12 years have gone by since the Algron Exploration Fleet of 17 ships failed to return from charting nearby Solar Systems in our Galaxy. After the search and rescue ship Omega Dawn also went missing 5 years ago, all future expeditions were canceled -- deemed too expensive and risky to send such large crews into the void. Many have come to accept the ships will never return and refer to them as the Lost Expedition.

Unwilling to accept the ban against putting together another search team, Dr. Gage created a one-man craft capable of following the Lost Expedition. A craft capable of Hyper-Jump distances equal to huge cruisers, equipped with revolutionary self-sustaining life support and Adaptive Weaponry Systems (AWS) ready to deal with anything encountered on the journey. A one-man craft that just will not stop: The Relentless Intergalactic Personal Rocket ... code named: RIP ROCKET!

Unknown to the brave pilot of the mighty ship RIP ROCKET, the journey will be far more dangerous then simply fighting through a vast array of increasingly vicious enemies while searching for critical “jump-coordinates” needed to make each Hyper-Jump closer to finding the Lost Expedition. For something tears at the very fabric of our galaxy that is timeless, unyielding, inescapable... the Shred awaits.
GPB Decrypted Files
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