Features At A Galance...
  • Revolutionary Ship physics, cutting edge controls and fresh gameplay that re-define space combat.
  • Awesome special FX and spectacular space environments that utilize 3D to create infinite depth and a colorful look unrivaled in any space game to date.
  • 3 Different intense modes of play for all styles of gamers featuring: Adventure, Score Attack and Multiplayer Space Death Match!
  • Insane Multiplayer action for up to 8 players on Xbox Live and system link or take a friend online via split screen guest account!
  • Deep multiplayer space combat system, with weapon vs. weapon counters, defensive maneuvers, amazing special attacks and more features never before seen in this genre.
  • Split Screen Score Attack for intense co-op high scoring gameplay!
  • Play as the heroic ship: RIP ROCKET vs. tons of unique enemies or become the enemy in multiplayer selecting from 8 ships all with totally different abilities!
  • Battle to conquer all foes and become the top dog of 5 different leaderboards!
Modes of Play
Single Player
  • Arcade Adventure: This is the main single player mode in Shred Nebula. The adventure will span 20+ levels of uncharted space (including secret levels!).
  • Score Attack: In this mode players will come face to face with endless waves of enemies as they try to stay alive as long as they can with the chance of surviving all the way to the “Shred”. Players will have a limited amount of lives to begin with, but can gain more lives they reach score thresholds.
  • Dual Score Attack (offline): This mode follows the same rules as the single player Score Attack mode, except you now are able to compete with a friend to attempt to get a higher score than your buddy with a original life sharing system that ensures skilled players to not get screwed by their buddy choking (dying a lot).
  • Score System: Both Single player modes feature a progressive scoring system that allows for multiple play styles such as speed runs, 100% bonus collection or a combination of both for max high scores. Leader boards for this mode are all about the final score! Special Icon beside the score will indicate who pulled this off with just 1 credit!

Multiplayer – Online (only in full purchase)
  • Death Match: The core of the online play will be the dog-fight death match mode. Will feature up to 8 players in ranked and player matches.
  • Single Ranked: Up to 8 players, 1 person per Xbox 360 console, will be able to join in an all out dog-fight to the death. Players will pick one of 8 ships (based on unlock status) and duel in a plethora of uncharted space levels. Win rules are based on number of kills required to win. We feel that ranking scoring system is critical to the games longevity and legitimacy on XBLA as a true multiplayer game. Therefore we have included several leaderboard filters to cater to players preference
  • Most Game Wins: Plain and simple, who has one the most games in the world?
  • Most Frags: This player may not win the most, but they sure have blow up more ships then anyone else on this planet!
  • TrueSkill: Averages win/losses and skill of matches to achieve a “TrueSkill” top ranking.
  • Player Match: This mode is very similar to the Ranked mode except that the results from the dog-fights will not be ranked on the online leader board. Up to 8 players can pick from up to 8 ships (based on unlock status), pick the level they wish to battle in and adjust win conditions, power ups allowed, etc.

Multiplayer – Split Screen
  • 1 on 1 Death Match (offline): Split screen dog-fighting as players can duel it out against each other in a huge assortment of multiplayer levels and select from up to 8 unique ships crafts (based on unlock status). Various tactics can be deployed on different levels, which make for an interesting and long lasting death match mode. This mode is not ranked on the leader boards.
  • Online Split Screen Guest Player Match! (full purchase only): Shred Nebula let’s players take a guest into Xbox Live battle to see what Shred Nebula is all about!!!