Player Match Multiplayer Lobby

We are aware there is confusion as to whether a match is in progress or not. There appears to be no message saying “match in progress” when waiting in a lobby. We are looking into this.

Here is the way to tell if you are in a lobby that is a game in progress: Host and all players will be lit “Ready” with a red background and there will be no countdown timer saying “match starts in...”. You also will not be able to “ready” yourself (no press start to ready).

Just hang and you will get in the next match. As mentioned, we will be looking at our options on this one.

Basic Controls

The controls in Shred Nebula are designed to be fast and responsive. They do take some getting use to, but provide great depth and advanced maneuvering. Let us start with some simple tips to help you adjust to your new life as a Pilot. These are good no matter what ship you play.

This Isn’t Asteroids (Steering)

The Left Analog Stick “points” your ship in the direction you want to fly (screen relative like a 3rd person adventure game). When in combat, this simply lets you “Point and Shoot”.

Quick Turning Tip: To turn sharply in 180 degrees, you do not need to rotate the stick all the way around the outside (that is slow), just snap the stick towards the new direction and you will turn faster.

Drifting in Space (Thrust)

The Left Trigger activates your thrusters, moving the ship in the direction you are pointing. If you let go of the Left Trigger you will continue to drift until you loose momentum. Different ships drift differently, giving each ship a unique feel in flight.

Flying Tip: Just hold thrust (Left Trigger)! 99% of the time there is no need to micro-thrust taps, like in Asteroids


Pressing and holding your Right Bumper will activate a shield. While active, the shield will absorb all damage leaving you unharmed by whatever dangers you face. The shield does have limited energy though, and when drained will leave you vulnerable, luckily it is equipped with a rechargeable energy source and will replenish quickly while not in use.

Advanced Shielding (Reflection)

The shield is capable of reflecting projectiles back at its source. By double tapping the Right Bumper you get a small window where anything that hits the shields will reflect off, so do not be afraid to “Return to Sender”. Be careful though; as this consumes more shield energy than normal and missing a reflection can leave you open.


Sometimes you just need to go. Fast! That is where the Y Button comes in. Pressing this will increase your ships speed at the cost of the Turbo bar. A good use of this is to gain distance on pursuing enemies to turn around and fire. Careful when navigating environments as you have a little bit less control. In a multiplayer game, this is a great help for closing distance to use the Hydra’s Sonic Shotgun or the RailStinger’s EMP Pulse.

Advanced Controls

Different ships have special flight maneuvers you can do to get the edge on your enemies. In the right hands, a pilot with the mastery of these skills will be a deadly force.

180° Reverse Boost
Applies to RIP ROCKET

Are you being chased? No problem, give them a surprise with a quick flip. Those guns are no help pointed in the wrong direction. While moving forwards flip the Left Analog Stick in the opposite direct and tap reverse.


By holding down the Left Bumper some ships can strafe, allow for quick dodging from side to side. Just hold the Left Bumper and use the Left Analog Stick to control movement.

Strafe Dodging

Strafe Dodging allows the pilot to quickly dodge to the side and keep safe. When strafing like normal, press the Turbo (Y Button) and a direction on the Left Analog Stick to dodge quickly.

Reverse Boost
Applies to HYDRA

To back the ship out of deadly situations, a Reverse Boost can be a lifesaver. Double tap the Left Bumper and the ship will reach max reverse faster than normal, allowing it to get out of the thick of things.

Advanced Attacks

All ships have attacks that can combo into each other to provide a surprise for the opponent. Learning these attacks is just as important to get the edge in battles, as well as know what to look out for.

Manuel Missile Shot
Applies to GUARDBOT

Hit the B Button to bring out the missiles and ready them. Once the missiles are out, tap the B Button to shoot a single missile. Keep in mind that you must exhaust all missiles before you can charge and ready another volley.

Missile Whip
Applies to GUARDBOT

Hit the B Button to bring out the missiles and ready them. While the missiles are out, steer the rear of the ship using the Left Analog Stick into unsuspecting enemies to slam them with the explosive ordnance dealing devastating damage.

Explode the RIP Saber
Applies to RIP ROCKET

Your RIP Saber is a powerful attack on the A Button that shoots two RIP Sabers. These Sabers can explode if shot by your primary attack (X Button) generating a large and devastating explosion. Skill pilots can explode each RIP Saber individually.

Disrupting Claw Blast
Applies to MARAUDER

The Marauders powerful special attack, the Disruption Wave (B Button) is more deadly when mixed with the Claw Blast, offering a deadly combo. Use the Disruption Wave (B Button), while the enemy is spinning out of control unable to defend itself, charge the Claw Blast by holding down the A Button until it fires a deadly shot.